Forever Lost by Laura Morgan

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“So, what brings you to the States?” Leo asked, taking his first shot while Cassie watched him intently.
“The theater,” she replied. The smirk on his face made it obvious he assumed she was a failed actress. Cassie quickly corrected him. “My ex-husband is the actor. I was working the sets as a designer until last year, and I was pretty damn good at it too. I left when he and I split up. My choice,” she told him in a more determined tone, opening up more than she possibly should have. He seemed to draw out her honesty without even trying.
“And now you’re a whore,” Leo said coldly, standing just a couple of feet away from her, his body language tense and unreadable.
“If you say so,” she replied, not taking her eyes from his.
“What if I pay you ten million dollars right now to spend the…

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Mad Fish Rambles, The First Post

Mad Fish Rambles

A lot can happen in a year. My inner bookworm awoke from its long hibernation, I travelled further from my hometown than ever before, and some people became addicted to my brainfish… Wait, I might have gone too far already.

Sorry, this blog should come with a warning. Hyperactive scatterbrain in progress! I should secondly remember to include a running glossary of sorts. And yes, I intend to use some (or all) of these words in literary works, and thereby imply all copyright and reservations of this blog, social media, or otherwise as my own creation. Just to get that out there, though it probably didn’t need to be said. But, as always, I digress…

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West Midlands Valentines Book Signing Attending Author Interview: C A Bell

Maria Gibbs


I will be doing a regular interview slot in the lead up to the book signing which is being held on Saturday 4th February in Telford. The first author is rather aptly the event organiser C A Bell who gives us a wonderful insight into her life and writing.

  1. Can we start with your name and where you’re from?
    A.Bell, originally from a lovely little town just outside of London, but now residing in the much more rural county of Shropshire.
  2. Most authors love reading, is this true for you and if so who was/is your inspiration?
    To be honest I’m not a BIG reader. I don’t get a lot of time to myself, so when I eventually do, I want to write instead of read. I have been inspired by lots of authors, though – Sylvia Day, Stephen King, Portia Da Costa, Saskia Walker. There’s lots more.
  3. What genre…

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10 Things Writers Say That Confuse Their Friends…

I’ve been getting more and more blank stares since delving into the world of storytelling and publishing, and have been giggling to myself about a few today so thought I’d share them… (There are a whole bunch of pictures below, all of which are from Google images) You can also find this blog post on my other site:

1. We say weird things as and when they pop into our heads, pull out notebooks mid-conversation and ask random questions in search of our next plot twist.


2. We use unusual terminology to describe ourselves and our work rather than just saying ‘I write books.’ We say things like – ‘Alpha male,’ ‘Book hangover,’ ‘Indie rather than Traditional,’ ‘Hybrid authors,’ ‘Hosted a takeover.’

3. Our word power has increased so much we think it’s okay to throw long and strange words into everyday conversation.

4. When we started out the very idea of coming across as weird was the last thing we wanted, by the end of our first year we embrace the stereotype and downright enjoy it! 

5. We talk about our current story in terms that only other bookie people understand. “I wrote 3k of my WIP today.” “Working on the conflict resolution before the HAE.”

6. We constantly have to remind our friends that they aren’t going to make it into our next novel. Seriously, I don’t know why you think I’m lacking in inspiration, but your story of your husband farting and burping before propositioning you is NOT what makes for a ‘real’ romance novel 😀

7. When we daydream, we’re working! Strange as it is, we work day and night at our craft. My dreams often feature in my storylines, and there’s no such thing as insomnia as I simply see those 4am random wakeups as brainstorming time!

8. We cry or break a little inside when we receive our first negative reviews, and then suddenly transition to not caring about that one persons opinion and focussing on the numerous who loved the book. Experienced authors told us so from day1, but it still takes time to get there by ourselves, and when it happens it is truly liberating.

9. We spend hours looking for the perfect quotes to post online because we’re procrastinating. It’s usually when we’re too tired or lacking in inspiration to write, or because we’re on the toilet!


10. We love it when people contact us about our books. Don’t ever be scared to come across as too strong (unless you’re messaging every 5minutes or offering to show us your body parts) because it really makes our day.  If you loved a book, review it and like the author’s page, message them and tell them why you liked it. Start a conversation and join their groups or express an interest in them, because you might just get the offer of an ARC for their next book! Authors spend a great deal of time supporting one another, and when our readers show real support for our work they are like diamonds in the sea of stones. We cherish them and keep them close x

I hope you’ve enjoyed this fun post, I loved putting it together! x

**SPECIAL REPORT** SECOND CITY SIGNING – 18th July 2015 (St. Andrews, Birmingham, UK)


11230913_10205037181464531_3591040816230334150_nWow! Wow! Wow! And, wow! What a day! Tina and myself had been excited about this day to come for many months. And with us never having been to an event like this before we weren’t entirely sure just how amazing it was going to be. It met our expectations and so much more – I still can’t get over the buzz and sheer excitement of it all. So many like-minded people in one place certainly created the electric atmosphere we could have only dreamed of had it not been for the fun, friendly authors, assistants, readers, bloggers, models and staff!

Contemporary and erotic romance readers were in their element here! It was very interesting to see that there were YA, horror, poetry and crime writers too! Just perfect for what our blog covers. Authors were from local areas, such as Nuneaton and Leamington Spa, and from as far afield as Eastern…

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